Ipad Aps I love

I’ve had my i-pad for a year now and it constantly exceeds my expectations. Here are some of the aps I can’t live with out:

  • Tripit for managing my travel
  • Aroundme for finding places to eat / drink / get gas while I am travelling
  • World clock to mange client meetings in various time zones
  • Currency for managing foreign currency transactions.
  • Notibility for taking notes in meetings
  • Hipmunk for finding flights
  • All the major airlines aps
  • WSJ
  • CBC
  • Huffington Post
  • drop box
  • SpeakerClock (for keeping me on time)
  • Kindle
  • Wikipanion (quick reference)

In my ongoing quest to reduce paper and limit my tools to my lap top, i-pad i-phone what else do you recommend?  I’m curious to know….What aps do you use in your sales business?


One response to “Ipad Aps I love

  1. Hi great list! I use Numbers alot for managing my client list on a spreadsheet. Since I drive to most of my clients locally, I use the yellowpages.ca app and maps to make sure I get to the destination on time. Weather HD with that too, I also use iBooks for presentations with PDFs especially if its a smaller meeting, informal presentation…

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