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I’m doing some research on my new book, Right on the Money, and I found a study from Serious Decisions that said that 67% of all buying is done digitally.

This got me thinking because I work with a lot of salespeople who are not digital. They have no digital footprint or digital selling habits. In fact, I would guess that for my clients in the Fortune 500, less than half the sellers are embracing digital.

If 60% of transactions are now done online, what are you doing to embrace that?

Where will you find your prospects? What websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps will you use? What email strategies will you use to compliment your offline selling? If there’s one thing I can tell you that we know for sure, it’s that this number is not going to get any smaller.

This is a message for all of you out there who have yet to embrace digital. Embrace digital sales techniques as soon as you can and use them every day. Get online, find your customers, and start now or you will be left behind.

4 responses to “If You’re Not Digital, You’re Dead | Sales Strategies

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  2. I am excited to get hold of your new book, Right on the Money. Because I did enjoy your previous one. And practicing each item was on the dot.
    Your chat about going digital really gives me the jitters. And I really would like to already be the horse on that bandwagon. I know the social media to penetrate. But how do I go about it? Let me learn from you.
    Thanks so much again.

  3. I totally agree with you. Depending on the cultural context, you can add on the interaction with your customers through face to face meetings as well.

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