I Was Wrong (I’m Here Now)

I was wrong about this! About six months ago, I had to eat some humble pie. Don’t make the same mistake I did and resist being on these platforms!

4 responses to “I Was Wrong (I’m Here Now)

  1. I agree with your conclusion, with one exception. I draw the line at using TikTok. I believe there is enough evidence now that TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, is potentially harmful. It is banned in Montana as well as on all U.S. government computers. IMO, a well-respected Sales Leader like you would be better served by not endorsing, even tacitly, a Chinese organization that has a clearly stated objective of undermining the security of U.S. citizens. I realize I am just one tiny tree falling in a forest attempting to be heard. Thank you. Cheers…

  2. We work exclusively in the B2B space, and our biggest clients are big organisations. Here’s my question. Big companies use specialized teams for their social media activities, or even outsource it. Their activites are focused on gaining clients for their business or building their brand. My target prospects in a big company are definitely not that team, and would not have any contact with that team. So how will being present on social media help me?

  3. Thanks for your comments George, and they are valid. I understand your concern and would suggest that if you feel this way you stay off the platform. There are many people who don’t share your level of concern and their opinions are equally valid. For those people, I need to advocate solutions that help them. Some of America’s biggest and well respected companies are using Tik Tok for content publishing, advertising and marketing. We can’t ignore that our buyers and customers are there, including most of the Fortune 500. For those reasons, I must advocate for solutions that can help them succeed.

  4. It would help you because you never know where your next “hit” is going to come from. IE, who is influencing the influencers? How do you know that your target prospects are not in contact with the team….or in contact with the people who are in contact with the team? While your clients outsource their social media, your clients are highly likely to manage their own pages, and are connected to many people who are influencers. I’m guessing your target prospects engage in social media professionally, even if their corporate social media is outsourced. Search for them. If they are present, you need to be too.

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