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Today, I have a challenge for you that you can do over the next week or the next month. Put down your Powerpoints.

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Instead, I want you to focus on the audience and the message that you’re sending to them. You should be able to pick up a whiteboard marker and draw your solution out. Have a conversation with your buyers instead of pitching to them from a deck of slides that forces you to force the client into your conversation.

I urge you to try it. It will be a lot more liberating and profitable for you because you’ll find that the customer engages in a conversation.

5 responses to “I Dare You Not to Use Powerpoint | Sales Strategies

  1. Hello Colleen,

    I agree. We do not use any Powerpoint during any sales stages. In fact, the only presentation the prospect sees (remotely or in person) is when we determine the prospect has gained the right to be presented with a tailored demonstration of our solution.

    Blue is different in that we ask ourselves after each discussion “Is it worth spending more time with the prospect?” If no, then we gracefully walk away and move on. No sense in spending time on a prospect that will not be acquiring your product. Being second is no consolation in sales.

  2. I never use slides when doing a sales presentation but still do when doing keynotes. The reason I do with keynotes is because I usually do one tailored to the audience and don’t do them often enough.

  3. Overall, I agree with you regarding powerpoint. For those who use slides by choice or provided by corporate, the presentation should be done without those slides as the primary focus, only for support purposes.

  4. What a “revolutionary” idea! Talk to people rather than at them. This is kind of like picking up the phone rather than relying exclusively on email and text. I like it!

  5. Believe me…it works and also helps a lot in better connecting with the audience…I did this often !

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