I can’t believe it happened again!


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  1. This was a hilarious blog to read, Colleen – I get so many phone calls that are similar to this one, it is amazing to me that these firms stay in business employing people like this.

    One such company – a well-known hosted online CRM product – has a salesperson who just will not take no for an answer, and starts his calls in a very similar way to Chris’ example.

    Salesperson: “Hey, we are [name of company] and I’d like to schedule a demo for you over the web.”

    Me: “I have purchased a CRM system, it is tightly integrated with my accounting system, it works well and I have no intent of switching to your product. Thanks for your time anyway.”

    Salesperson: “Oh, well, we are [company name] and we make the best CRM out there. The webinar is only 45 minutes long. I’m certain it is better than your existing legacy solution.”

    Me: “I haven’t told you what my solution is, and it isn’t a legacy one. I’ve used your product. It’s not bad, but as I said, I am not interested, I already have a CRM solution I like.”

    Salesperson: “Our product now has tight integration with [blah blah blah features blah blah]…”

    Me: “You are ignorant, and you are not listening to me. Worse, you are wasting my time. Goodbye.”

    I’ll send you their name privately Colleen – they need your help.

  2. I would have hung up too!

    Where do they learn this stuff?

    Do they not know what the impact is likely to be on the recipient?

    Thanks Colleen

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