How to Use Social Media If You’re Not Social

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3 responses to “How to Use Social Media If You’re Not Social

  1. Totally agree. I don’t think there is any way to NOT use these today. They are a part a life people need to adapt to.

  2. Valid points all. I tweet on behalf of our Company as I am CEO. By Tweeting, FB-ing and LinkedIn-ing, I am establishing our expertise in the field just by offering up a tidbit. It was easy-peasy. I’ll give you an example: Our Chief Privacy Officer has stunning colorful tattoos all over her body, as well as sharp legal mind. So I tweeted a pic of one of her Tattoos and mentioned that this was an example of personal information. So what I’ve done here is educated our followers, established our expertise, linked a dry subject matter to something fun and for my feeble effort, we got a tonne of responses and followers both in our industry and since I hashtagged the #Tattoo parlour industry – we now have a new batch of funner clients & followers. Voila.

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