How to Talk About The Competition

Let’s face it, your competition inevitably comes up every so often while you speak with prospects and clients. You need to know how to talk about the competition.

The solution is NOT to bring up every rumor or horror story you’ve heard about them. This approach will make you look petty, small and desperate.

Rather, the best approach may actually be a little counterintuitive.

Compliment them. That’s right, compliment them.


Because taking the high road in business is always the best approach.

Now, I’m not advocating your compliment them so well that you make the prospect wonder why they’re speaking with you, but I am saying that highlighting something you admire about your competition or the way they do things actually makes you look better.

You can say:

  • “They’re great!”
  • “I really appreciate the way they do X.”
  • “Their approach to Y is fantastic.”

This shows that you’re confident, that you’re professional, and that despite being a competing company, you’re not willing to bad mouth people.

Beyond all of this, it also makes you stand out.

In the sea of sellers and companies that will undoubtedly bad mouth people at the drop of a hat, savvy buyers will recognize that their “trash talking” behavior like doesn’t stop at the competition. If a salesperson is willing to throw another company under the bus, they are likely willing to do so to other members of their organization, and even their own clients and prospects.

Smart prospects are repelled by this type of behavior and choose to avoid professional relationships with sellers who choose to embark down this lowly road.

The temptation may be there to take path – don’t do it!

You can never go wrong taking the high road.

What’s one thing you say when asked about your competition?

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