How to Say What You’ll Do – and Do What You Say

Meeting – or exceeding – customer expectations is at the heart of true, lasting success in sales. When we fail to meet those expectations, however, there can be a high price to pay, regardless of how strong the relationship is between you and your client.

When expectations aren’t met, trust is broken, opportunities are missed and sales can be lost, all despite the countless hours of hard work that were put in to almost making something happen. That’s why it is imperative to complete a full analysis of the customer’s situation during the sales process, in order to understand fully what he or she wants – and to be absolutely upfront about your ability to deliver it.

(1) Be clear, thorough – and honest
Shared expectations produce greater harmony and more sales – period. When establishing expectations at the onset of a project, be as thorough as possible, and be prepared to adjust as needed.

For example, if you find the customer asking for something you simply can’t deliver, try some of the following to set the right expectations, right from the start:

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  1. Hi – I got this comment on my blog from a different site:


    and wanted to share it with you becuase I think it raises good points.

    Like Colleen Francis, I am not really into this “under-promise and over deliver” thing but not necessarily for the reason she mentions. I think that setting a deliberate low expection with the sole intent of being able to exceed it later is manipulative and disingenuous.

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