Honesty Day is Here!

Today is International Honesty Day and to celebrate, Steven and I are releasing Honesty Sells!

About the authors:

Steven Gaffney (Arlington, VA) is a speaker, author, and leading expert on honest interpersonal communication, influence, and leadership, as well as the President of The Steven Gaffney Company. He is also the author of Just Be Honest and Honesty Works.

Colleen Francis (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is the founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions. An award winning sales expert, she helps clients make dramatic improvements to their results with techniques proven in today’s tough selling environment.

About the book!

Honesty Sells takes an unlikely approach to sales success; instead of verbal tricks, silly gimmicks, or mind games, great salespeople use honesty to lure customers. Many salespeople think the only way to achieve real sales excellence is by using every trick in the book to sucker customers into buying. But top sales performers know the real way to win a customer’s heart (and loyalty) is by building open, honest relationships with them.Honesty Sells gives readers a proven system—and an honest one—for getting around gatekeepers and objections, increasing customer responsiveness, closing sales faster and more often, getting honest answers from clients and prospects, and troubleshooting problems before they scuttle big sales or important projects. For anyone who wants to sell more, sell better, and sell more honestly, Honesty Sells is a the perfect straight-talking guide to sales success. Honesty Sells by Stephen Gaffney & Colleen Francis
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About the website

Head over to www.honestysells.comto read about sales horror stories. Post your own and vote for the best er worst! and of course buy the book! Sell Honestly today (and everyday) and you will keep your customers for life while increasing your profits!


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  1. Congratulations Colleen! Can’t wait to read the book – you have always demonstrated honesty in your actions and I’m sure the book will help everyone refocus on what makes for long term sales success. Way to go!

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