Sales Tip: Hate Prospecting? Try This…

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4 responses to “Sales Tip: Hate Prospecting? Try This…

  1. Hi Colleen. Just wanted to let you know that your link to the “powerful, free resource” is broken.


  2. Colleen, you have been doing a great job with your videos, and I do pick up a thing or two when I have a chance to view them. In this case, though, I think that your subject header may have been a bit misleading. The idea of getting what you dislike doing completed first thing is a great idea. You refer specifically to prospecting, though. I can see how this tip refers to any piece of one’s sales plan though. I myself love prospecting but really dislike doing negative calls (to tell a prospect we don’t have what he needs, or to contact a delinquent account). So I save those for first thing. I think you could have titled this one “Sales Tip: Disliked/Distasteful Tasks? Try This….”

    Just my thought.

  3. Dear Colleen , I have started to work as you said here like prospecting every morning ! And your message became the fuel to confirm myself : Hey Cincy , Its a good deed ……… Thanks Colleen for assuring me .
    You are my sales leader ! I regularly go through your sales tip video everyday ! I love it ! and I am better than yesterday !

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