Get Behind the Wheel of your Deal!

As you know, we make the long trek to Miami each winter to escape the snow here in Ottawa. This entails Chris, Conrad and myself piling into our car and making the fairly long drive of 2700 kilometers / 1600 miles.

What you may not know is that Chris does all the driving. It’s a win-win relationship as he loves to drive while I love to nap in the car! And what we both do is proactively set goals for where we want to be at the end of first day, when we want to cross each state border and what our average speed should be.

We do that so we know that we’ll achieve our objective – even in the face of obstacles that get thrown in our way like snow, construction, etc…

One of the big problems I see sales professionals make is to not agree to a sales process and secure the commitment of prospects to that process. If you don’t have the commitment of the prospect for each step along the way to closing a deal, then you really don’t have any assurance when you’ll get there – if at all!

Just like Chris and I own the process and objectives of our drive, you need to own the sales agenda. You need to guide the prospect through an examination of their true motivations, address their true concerns and lead them through a series of steps that ultimately lead to a deal.

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When you lead the sale process, you are taking control of the sales process – asking the right questions to uncover true motivations, communicating with true and lasting influence, navigating complex sales processes and skillfully handling objections. These techniques have proven over and over to guide prospects through the sales process, delivering them a solution to their true problem in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible!

If you run a business or a sales team, I know that applying these strategies will make a dramatic difference in your results. Remember: if you don’t own the sales agenda, who does?

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Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Dedicated to increasing                        your sales!
Colleen Francis

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