First Impressions: Bogota

My first impression of Bogota started in the departure lounge D50 AA in Miami International. I have never seen such a group of well turned out travelers.  Tailored jeans, beautiful scarves, perfectly polished shoes and boots, tidy messenger bags. While I felt woefully under-dressed in cropped pants and open toed shoes. I wondered if these travelers where a fair sampling of who I might meet on the trip. I was impressed.

Bogota airport is brand new. All glass with lots of light. No carpet to impede roller bags, and all signs in English and Spanish. Easy to get around. Immigration was well marked and every counter was open. Lines moved quickly with service staff pointing directions to you at every corner. Landing in a new country where you don’t speak the language can be nerve racking. Bogota made it comfortable. I was impressed.

My driver pointed out all the sites on the way into town and provided recommendations for restaurants as well as places to visit Friday night that I would feel comfortable and be safe in alone. He offer to provide transportation and wait for me during dinner  Impressive.

The Sheraton Bogota served delicious drinks during check-in. They know the process is longer than at most hotels as they must photocopy documents and confirm travel details. The drinks help to keep you busy and enjoy the wait. I continued to be impressed

Within 1 hour of landing I had already decided to come back to Bogota with Chris when we have time to spend a few days in the city. It’s clean, easy to get around the people are amazing and the food spectacular. All this from a first impression.

What do you clients think of you with in the first hour of meeting you?

Are they impressed enough to want more?




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  1. Nice review. Just one tip: When you come back do not miss touring Medellín too.. It’s beatiful! If you want a beach escapade there’s Cartagena or Santa Marta.. and for the greatest mountain countryside spa experience go to Estelar Hotel at Paipa (Boyacá) which is just a 2.5 hours drive from Bogota.. you won’t regret it!

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