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Recently I received the following comment I thought you would enjoy:

Dear Ms. Francis,

Your February 15th article, “Be a Life Giver — Not a Life Sucker,” brought a smile to my face. As I have recently stepped out from behind the scenes in my position as a product and marketing analyst in the office imaging industry, I’ve been bringing myself up to speed by perusing various ezines pertaining to the world of IT. After so much mind numbing data, trends and new technologies, your article reminded me that success in this or any field has less to do with products, strategies and opportunities, and more to do with the attitude and mind set of the individual. Taken one step further, the organization that incorporates and practices these attitudes as part of its culture, is far more likely to experience success, especially when things go “unplanned.”

I know many sales professionals who are quick to pass on the blame, and quicker to gloom all the glory, even when a success was achieved through the combined efforts of many. Unfortunately, I have also seen these same individuals catapult out of the sales ranks into management, only to poison junior sales people with that same irresponsible attitude. Further up the food chain, one might have to look long and hard to find a senior corporate executive who not only “talks this talk, but walks this walk,” in terms of taking personal responsibility for the failures of the business they steer; however, as I read your article less than a week after hearing a keynote address by Ann Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO of Xerox, it occurs to me that she is a life-giver.

Since assuming her role five and a half years ago, Xerox has struggled back from the brink of near extinction by seeking solutions rather than scapegoats for its problems, and it is now poised to reclaim its leadership role in the marketplace. I see this as an example of what can be accomplished when one (person or company) directly assumes personal responsibility, actively seeks new solutions to old problems, purposely maintains a positive outlook, and deliberately capitalizes on the momentum of small successes to fuel greater ones.

Thanks for the day-brightener!

Ruth Ann Kordell

~ Thanks to you too Ruth Ann. You are right about Xerox. they have done a great job motivating their teams and getting back on track. You too by recognizing the power of the law of attraction will also have great success!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,


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