Every Meeting Counts

Do you make every meeting count? Do you struggle to close the sale? Make sure you’re always leaving the prospect feeling okay after every meeting or interaction.

5 responses to “Every Meeting Counts

  1. Hi Colleen,

    I really appreciate your insight on this. It’s very true and it can be very difficult to ensure the prospect feels okay because you try to balance being too “salesy” and being informative/educational.

    In terms of eroded relationships, do you have any insight or thoughts on how to repair these relationships and make sure the prospect feels okay if you are taking over an account? The prospect doesn’t necessarily have a bad taste in their mouth, but the connection and trust was not built for them to want to take a meeting with you to introduce yourself as the new sales rep. The struggle I find with this is getting them willing enough to meet so I can work towards making them feel ok.

  2. Thank you for highlighting the importance of treating every meeting as a valuable opportunity in your insightful article.
    I’m curious about your thoughts on post-meeting actions, how to ensure that the momentum generated during the meeting is maintained and move to next steps?
    I look forward to gaining further insights from you.

  3. what are things i can do to make sure that the prospect feels good when they leave?

  4. Thank them
    Offer to keep the door open if they didn’t buy
    Explain the next steps to them
    Follow up in an email

  5. I think if you are taking over an account you must first explain why in a transparent way so that the prospect feels you are genuine. Then, explain that to best serve them, you would like to arrange a meeting to make sure you and they are aligned for the next steps. Keep it simple, and follow up.

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