Even our dog is studying!

Chris, Conrad and I are back in Ottawa and that can only mean one thing… Less than 2 weeks to go before our annual Engage Powerhouse Event featuring Sydney Biddle Barrows, Michael Hughes, Susan Berkley, Eliot Burdett, myself and a panel of Sales Experts. Chris will also be making his Powerhouse Event debut with a presentation on Tuesday afternoon on ‘Arming Your Sales Team’.Conrad Doing Research

I am doing tons of research and prep for this event to make sure that you receive the best and most profitable sales advice this year. Every room in my house has become a My Overloaded Bed-Side Table!library and research station, just look at my bedside table. Even Conrad is interested in some of my sales reading. We have just 2 seats left for this year’s event so if you want to attend please register this week.

Over the last couple weeks clients have been coming to us with questions about pricing so I thought in an effort to help you deal with pricing objections and negotiation skills I would re-print a popular article from last year. It’s full of practical advice that works so please print it out and make notes in the margin about how you will implement each strategy in your business. Then, get out there and act!

Have a super week and I’ll see many of you at the Powerhouse Event!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

P.S. A great big “Welcome!” to all the new readers who joined the Engage community in the last couple of weeks! You’re going to profit greatly from the resources you’ll find here to help you get more clients… Enjoy!

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  1. Glad Conrad is a nice calm reader. My dog thinks books are for licking – not reading. Makes for some soppy reading around here. 🙂 Break a leg with the event!!

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