Ensuring a Profitable Sales Day

I was thinking about yesterday’s post on productivity and was reminded about a recent sales seminar we completed where the participants and I brainstormed ways to better manage their day. I dug out my notes to share with you today. The goal of our discussion during the seminar was to ensure that proactive, outbound sales prospecting remained the first priority everyday. The team committed to making 9-11 am everyday their “calling time” and came up with the following list of actions to ensure they stuck with their commitments:

  1. Print out a list of at least 30 names to call the night before you leave the office, so you don’t have to turn on your computer first thing in the morning (and risk checking email).
  2. Make your calls from a meeting room rather than the open cubicle area so other employees can’t bother/interrupt you
  3. Put phone on do not disturb
  4. Keep cell / mobile device in the car during the “calling time”
  5. Have a weekly contest to see who can make the most calls  / appointments and sales during this time
  6. Instruct receptionist to put all inbound calls directly into voice mail.
  7. Turn off email and web browsers. Only use CRM during this time. If this can be done at the source by IT, all the better!
  8. Create your “to do list” or “to call list” the night before.
  9. Arrive at work 30 minutes early to get settled before “call time starts”.
  10. 10.  Block other employees from entering the sales area during this time with a banner that reads “Do not enter. Earning your salary”!
  11. 11.  Send prospecting emails to prospects at the end of the day rather than during the “call time”.

While some of these ideas are fun, some are serious, and some are outrageous, they all work. I am sure you have some ideas to add to the list as well. I would love to have your comments.

At its core, sales success is all about demand generation, lead generation and prospecting. No prospects, no sales. Knowing that, what are you doing everyday to ensure prospecting for new business remains a top priority on your team? Pick one idea form the list and commit to mastering it over the next 30 days. You will ensure a more profitable sales year as a result.

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