Engage is Changing: Are You?

It’s been a crazy and fun week at Engage. Chris, Conrad and I have been in Miami opening up our new US Headquarters which we will be located at from December to April. If you are in South Florida, be sure to email me as I would love to get together when we are back in town.

South Florida is so amazing, and our office is only three blocks from the beach which makes the early morning dog walks, and runs much more inspired. This big change is one of the first of many exciting changes you can expect to see at Engage in the next year. All designed, of course, to help more people sell more of their own products and make more money – while having a better life. You can be the first to find out more if you are attending the Sales Mastery Workshop!

For those of you in the Washington DC area, we are having an Honesty Sells Book Launch at the National Press Club. Email us for details and RSVP.  The book has been very popular, I had mentioned previous it sold out on both Amazon and Chapters Indigo. And, as you can see, Lead-Up! Gold member Dave Giguere’s dog has been enjoying it as well…

I am sure it will continue to sell even more copies this Fall! Thanks to everyone for your support and for purchasing it for yourself and your team!


 Ruby with her 'toy'!

                   Ruby with her new “Toy”:
                       Our Honesty Sells book.

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