Don’t Slow Down!

May29There are two types of salespeople.

Some salespeople slow down in the face of adversity, and others use the crisis to motivate themselves to push harder towards their goals.

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

I absolutely love that quote by Will Rogers. It’s a reminder that you must always be taking action if you want to reach success. You may have excellent product knowledge and exceptional communication skills, but if you’re not making use of your time, you will be “run over” by your competition. They will find a way to achieve better results even if they are considerably less talented than you. This philosophy is especially true in the sales world.

Sadly, in my experience, most salespeople simply give up when their market slows down. They simply accept a bad month, quarter or year and seal their own fate when they decide they have little control over their own success. This is the salesperson who doesn’t even try to hit their targets because they are too busy complaining about external circumstances.

On the flip side, there is a certain breed of salespeople who seek out new opportunities when the market or economy slows down. They try something new, take chances and create success even when the chips are down. They’re the sellers who focus their energy on new markets, or call double the prospects to make up for the slower market.

This uncommon breed in the sales world refuses to wave the white flag, even when all of their colleagues have thrown in the towel.

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If you’re familiar with almost any competitive sport, you know that an athlete’s motivation and “mental toughness” is just as important as their actual talent or skill. The Michael Jordans and Muhammad Alis of the world often created their legacies by not only outperforming their competition, but by outlasting them when times got tough.

In order to create your very own (positive) sales legacy, you must learn to create success even if you’re surrounding environment is creating doubt in your mind. Eliminate the excuses and focus your mind on achievement!

What’s one way you move forward even when the market slows down?

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3 responses to “Don’t Slow Down!

  1. Hi Colleen,

    I’m looking for the best way to email a client I’ve never met. I’ve been to his office at least 3 times, mailed a testimonial and called. When I called, the office said the best way to reach him is by email; he always responds to emails.

    I want to get on his calendar for a 15 minute appointment and want to word it to catch his attention right away. Do you know a good way to do this?


    Debbie Cooper

  2. Sounds like he is not returning your email though! Have you tried a referral? A case study or testimonial from a business like his? What about sending a white paper or research that would be of value. Is there another contact inside the company that you can start to build a relationship with first?

  3. try after core business hours, stopping in a setting an appointment, calling his assistant or sending a letter in the mail.

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