Don’t Let Your Team Give Up

Some sales reps give up too easily.

That is, they’ll reach out twice, perhaps three times to a prospect before throwing in the towel and moving on. 

The issue? It takes closer to seven to twelve contact points in order for you to get someone’s attention to call you back.

It goes without saying, but teams that create a standard of only reaching out a few times before moving on are leaving countless opportunities on the table.

Your reps are probably feeling like they’re pests and thus avoid more than a few contact points. Who wants to keep making phone calls only to hear dial tones, right?

If your team is struggling with this, suggest that they create a multi-approach system to their outreaches.

Sure, calling a lead seven times in one day might be overkill, but what if they left a voicemail, then switched their approach to email, and then perhaps to LinkedIn and spread their outreaches apart by a few days?

An approach like this does a couple of things.

First, it removes some of the resistance sales reps have in making multiple contact points. Second, it increases the rep’s chance of receiving a reply as there is a greater opportunity of using a media preferred by the lead.

For example, a lead may never answer their own phone for business purposes unless an admin filters the call first, however, is an avid LinkedIn user and sees and replies to all message personally.

By mixing up your approach, you have a better chance of being seen by the prospect.

So sellers and sales leaders, don’t get discouraged after a few attempts!

Diversify your approach and create more opportunity for yourself!

One response to “Don’t Let Your Team Give Up

  1. It’s all about mindset and few salespeople possess the essential mindset necessary to grind through calls in the proper quantity and quality.

    One of the best ways for the sales reps to see what is possible is to see their sales manager pick up the phone and model the way. And switching it up is essential.

    Excellent post.

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