Don’t Forget to Grow Your Accounts!

Amongst your sales efforts, don’t forget to grow your current accounts! Client acquisition and finding new prospects is, of course, alluring.

It’s what often immediately comes to most people’s mind when the word “sales” comes up in conversation.

But, not only is it easier to sell within an existing account than it is to someone you don’t know, but unless your organization is retaining clients at a good rate, you’re simply creating a revolving door of new clients coming in as current ones exit!

Let’s then, discuss the “often ignored” part of sellingyour existing customers!

1. Care

It’s simple, but if you’re in sales just to cash a check, you’re not going to experience longterm success. I wish this wasn’t a point I had to make, but some people are in their profession for the wrong reasons.

A professional being cared for

Clients, more often than not, have a “sixth sense” on whether or not the person they’re dealing with actually cares or not. It’s easy to spot when someone is responsive, thorough, and easy-to-access pre-sale and when those behaviors suddenly change after a payment is made.

Not to mention, you can’t deliver your best work when you don’t care.

Client success has to be important to you. Sales, ironically, shouldn’t be just about “making a sale,” but rather developing and nurturing a relationship with a client and helping them succeed. 

2. Get to Know People Within The Account

The best relationships with organizations occur when you know and are trusted by multiple contacts within said organization.

Think about it, your buyer may trust you and love working with you, but what will happen if they get promoted, leave the organization, or get fired from it?

Sure, they might “take you along with them” to their next venture, but without other contacts within the account, you risk losing it entirely if you rely on a singular contact.

Think about your odds to retain, and the longterm potential with a client if multiple decision makers within it have a relationship with you, rather than just one!

3. Get The Job Done

Ultimately, you’re being hired to solve some problem your client is dealing with. And, you need to deliver those results!

A sales presentation

Never stop finding ways to bring more value to your clients.

If you’re currently delivering the results you promisedgreat! Ask yourself how you can further expand or deliver even more to further drive success for your client.

If you’re falling short, for one reason or another, you need to rectify this as quickly as possible. You can’t keep a client longterm if you’re not delivering the results you promised! 

Look, client retention is a big deal. I know the allure of prospecting and closing, but developing your current accounts is crucial to your ongoing success. I could create a 10-part series on this topic alone and still have things to talk about. The above suggestions are basic, and to a degree should be self-explanatory, but are often neglected.

Are you seeking new sales opportunities? Your best growth potential could be right under your nose!