Do you Take Time off….Completely?

How often to get away? I mean really get away – from your cell phones, email, blackberry or should I say Crackberry! I have been know to work hard, in fact some will call me a workaholic and I have had staff comment that I am “freakishly productive”. I’m not sure the workaholic label is truly correct….but that’s just a semantics argument. The truth is that when I am at work, I do work hard, and all the time. When I am at play, I play hard….no work.

This past long weekend, my better half and I celebrated in Montreal with a fine meal at Club Chasse et Peche and prime seats at the newest Cirque du Soliel show Kooza!. I have seen 5 Cirque shows now and they never cease to amaze me. This one was the best. They received 4 standing ovations during the course of the show and people literally jumped to their feet cheering at the end – including me. I highly recommend this, or any of their shows. They are truly and without excpetion the greatest show on earth!

Why were we celebrating? Well, we are now a single income family as my hubby has retired from corporate life (more on this to come in late June). And that is a good reason to reward yourself! This trip was part of his retirement tour. Other stops for him include Beirut, New York, Edmonton and San Deigo. Yes a diverse mix!

While we were in Montreal I made the effort not to touch my cell or email. It was very liberating to be present in the moment for all three days. No worrying about what I have to do next week, or may have forgot to do last week. NO stress about the busy upcoming week and my 2 web classes. Just play time.

So back to how we can be more productive and work while at work. The truth is, taking time off makes you more productive. When you turn off – 100% off – for a few days and do something fun you actually come back to your work feeling refreshed. Everything looks different and you have a new perspective. New ideas flow and a new energy emerges. Truth is, I am excited to come back to work on Monday when I have had a 100% play time weekend. Try it some time! Its a profitable idea you can’t afford to miss.
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~ Colleen

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