Do Something Different!

With the New Year less than three days away, I begin to shift focus beyond the end of this quarter to what I want to achieve in 2010. If you are like me, you want to make each coming year better than the last. More sales and maybe even a bit more time to relax and do something fun with Chris and Conrad.

With today’s challenging market, it’s not enough to do the same thing and hope results improve – you have to do something different… but what?Learn How to Make 2010 Your Best Year Yet!

For greater sales, it is really comes down to three things: more prospects, faster closes and bigger deals (ideally all three!). Sounds simple but as we all know, the devil is in the details.

That’s why I created my Sales Mastery Workshop. For three days in April, I’ll not only show you what you need to do to increase your sales, I’ll show you how.


From generating leads with Social Media to holding your prices during negotiation to leveraging your current customer list for bigger deals, you’ll leave with a personal sales plan that will make an immediate and lasting impact in your results.

I don’t want you to miss out: until the end of the year (December 31st at midnight), you can attend for our special year-end investment, over 60% off the full rate.

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Remember that the Sales Mastery Workshop is your chance to spend three intensive days working with me to develop your own personal sales plan using my proven strategies. At the end of this event you’ll walk away with a comprehensive plan and an extensive set of tools and templates, including:

  • A written “How to” Prospecting Template that will detail 12 ways to keep your funnel full to overflowing.
  • Personalized Social Media for Sales Guide
  • A clear and concise Unique Selling Proposition and Personal Values Proposition.
  • Your own Objective Handling Workbook to provide answers to the 7 most common questions and objections you hear when selling.
  • A customized Qualification Template which will list the key categories of information you must understand to know if a prospect is truly qualified and a real opportunity exists.
  • Your own Customer Qualification Questionnaire that is a customized list of questions you will use whenever you engage with a prospect.
  • An Advance Qualification Style Template that will help ensure you build trust throughout the sales process and encourage all prospects to share information with you freely – even those that seem the most resistant to talk!
  • A customized Presentation Template that details the best way to structure presentation and show that you understand the prospect’s needs and that you are the right decision for them to engage with.
  • A Client Retention Template compete with “how to’s” that will allow you to build deep and trusting relationships with prospects and clients quickly and more easily than before.
  • A model for Handling Objections that you can use with every prospect and every stage of the sales process that is proven to increase your closing rate on even the toughest clients.
  • Customized Closing Lines that decrease closing ratios, including the closing technique Colleen refers to as the “Golden Bullet” – because it works that well!
  • A Negotiation Template with customized items for your business that will prepare you to get more and give less, increasing the profitability of each sale.
  • 3 Written Action Plans (1 for each day) committing your self to implementation of your new skills the day you get back to the office.

I know you’ll discover new opportunities to attract new customers, close deals faster and sell more than you thought possible… I’ll hold your feet to the fire and, together, we’ll produce a personalized plan you can immediately put into action!

Read More about the Sales Mastery WorkshopClick Here!
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Remember that early registration savings expire at midnight December 31st. And you can take advantage of our monthly payment plan!

So do something different: take advantage of this special offer for an immediate and lasting impact on your sales results.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Dedicated to increasing your sales!
Colleen Francis

P. S. Remember, you get access to this hands-on sales workshop where you’ll learn and apply the secrets of top sales performers to develop a plan for your business that you can put into action the day you get back to your office. Don’t miss out:

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