Dangerous Messages

  • Caution sign painted on Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of your fear.
  • We have to suffer for our art.
  • You have to move to your uncomfortable zone.

These are dangerous messages that equate success with pain and fear. Why would you want to do that? While well intentioned, the authors of such messages are unfairly drawing on their unique experience and trying to justify past failures, publicly. There is no rule that says you have to suffer before success. Don’t buy into it.

The more you talk about suffering, and the more you equate it with success, the more difficult success is to achieve. If you think you need to struggle,  you will lose confidence, and then face rejection.

It’s a vicious circle. Change your self talk.

Create your definitions of success. Don’t struggle, enjoy the journey.

I love what Alan Weiss said to me today about this topic: “You don’t hear that the champion struggled to win, you hear that the last place person struggled to finish.”


2 responses to “Dangerous Messages

  1. Colleen. Alan’s correct. Count me as one who has grown weary of the medal for showing up. My only argument would be my life. My obstacles were real but it was the pursuit of excellence that taught the lessons, not the win. It’s all about the seat you are in that produces the view!

  2. Alvin, you are proving my point. your obstacles were / are real but you pursued excellence from the beginning and didn’t adopt “i have to fail before I succeed” mantra. I think your message has always been about learning to thrive regardless of your circumstance, and expecting success.

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