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You know and I know that content is king when it comes to B2B selling. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that a recent study from Curata shows that 71% of companies are investing in content for their marketing and sales teams in order to attract new customers.

However, I was shocked and appalled to find out that the content that my clients and the marketplace is producing is worthless. Why is this?

First, the content is product-focused, not solution focused. Remember, people aren’t searching for products, they’re searching for solutions to the problems that they have or the objectives that they want to accomplish.

Write your content based on objectives or on problem-solving rather than on your company’s products.

The content that most companies are sharing is also internally focused, meaning that you’re writing about what the company wants to say instead of writing with the customer in mind.

The third problem is that your content is not in the voice of the customer. It’s not providing proof points or examples that the customers want to see. Customers believe customers first, so if you’re in charge of sales or marketing, you need to fix these three problems. Create and push your content, but make sure that it has examples, that you’re writing for the customer instead of the company, and that you’re writing about objectives or solutions. If you get those three things right, you’ll attract more prospects and create a non-stop sales boom.

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  1. This is timely as I’m thinking about a new approach next year. A good portion of my sales plan is about engaging more through great content. Great read, thanks!

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