Consistency: Your Key to Sales Success

When it comes to sales success, consistency is key!

There is no magic formula for creating sales results. Each individual is unique, as is each organization, product, and consumer.

We live in a world of distractions. One blog post might say blogging once a week is your key to more exposure and sales. A YouTube video might advocate podcasting as the “must-have” tool in your sales arsenal. A podcast might have a special guest who suggests email marketing is your true path to success.

Look, inherently, each of these methods could have merit and bring you the sales success you’re seeking. However, I know for a fact that releasing one podcast, or one blog, or sending one email to a list isn’t going to bring you the long-term (or short-term, for that matter) results you might expect.

The old example of taking a single swing to 50 different trees in a forest with an axe to bring a tree down is a good one to look to here.

Whatever your particular method, or prospecting channel, remain consistent with it!

A long road turning into an arrow demonstrating consistency

Too many salespeople get preoccupied with the “flavor of the week” when it comes to prospecting. They keep trying to find that magic avenue to generate more sales, not realizing that any number of avenues might be valid, and that remaining consistent with one long enough to yield results is the real “secret” or “formula” that they’re seeking.

That, of course, isn’t to say you need to rely on only one prospecting engine. You can certainly explore new ones that make sense, but you should be building a foundation in one before moving on to another.

You might even find that a particular prospecting method isn’t effective for your needs. That’s fine! But, if you haven’t stuck with it long enough or haven’t been consistent enough to truly know that for a fact, you’re not giving yourself a fighting chance!

Be consistent, analyze the results, and review whether or not any particular method or practice is working out for you. Chances are, just through consistency alone, it will!

6 responses to “Consistency: Your Key to Sales Success

  1. Hi, Colleen francis
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog post.
    Consistency is a key to sales success, but very few people stick with it and that difference is what makes the difference.

  2. Nice read,
    I have a question that if a salesperson have no experience and no talent but he is consistent….. so will he able to reach his Goal?

  3. Nice read,
    I have a question that, does all salesperson knows that consistency is key to success?
    Do they really follow them in real life?

  4. Depends on the sales person. Successful ones do, unsuccessful ones don’t!

  5. No experience? = yes
    No talent? = highly unlikely unless they have a willingness to learn ad develop their talent

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