Consider This Your Only Warning

If you chose to visit our site, read the articles and click to speak with us directly for help. We will do our best to answer your questions, point you in the right direction and provide information that can make this your best year yet.

On the other hand….. if you chose to visit our site, read the articles and then tell Casey to “f- off” when she asks if you need help we will block you from our site forever.  We know a fair bit about our visitors, including the country you are visiting us from, your IP address, and  sometimes more if you chose to register your email address with us. And, our system has the ability to block IP addresses or email addresses from our sites forever. So, if you think you can be rude because you are anonymous, think again. We will not tolerate this behaviour towards our staff, or our community members. Period.

Frankly I think if you are rude to us you probably are rude to your colleagues and clients as well. It’s like my mom always said “Don’t date boys that are nice to you but rude to the wait staff as they will eventually be rude to you too.”

Do us all a favour and just get out of sales.

For those who truly are trying to make this their best year yet,  I remain dedicated to increasing your sales. Please visit our sites often we love to have you as part of the Engage Community!



6 responses to “Consider This Your Only Warning

  1. As a “communications person”, I commend you for your strong response. There is no place for blatant ignorance in a professional workplace or anywhere. Sometime people think the veil of anonymity gives licence to acting rudely. Thanks for ripping the veil off. You standing up to the bully and defending your colleague so strongly speaks volumes about you and what you value… and it’s those very guiding principles that translate into good biz. Keep it coming.

  2. Casey is my office manager and has been with Engage for 6 years and I would have taken the same stance had this visitor sworn at me, Chris Conrad or one of our community members. I find it shocking that anyone would visit our website, read our materials and then tell us to “f-off” when we reach out to help. My house my rules. And I don’t want people like that associating with us. (To be clear they did NOT use the sanitised version of this expression. The visitor was very clear where they wanted Casey to go). They have no business in sales.

  3. Sales is first and foremost a “People” business and people’s behaviors vary greatly. Those of us engaged in personal selling sooner or later are likely to encounter people whose behaviors do not meet our expectations. A common yet unfortunate response is to label (e.g., Difficult Customers) these “People”, not the behaviors (e.g., angry, impossible, rude, hostile, manipulative, problematic, aggressive). From “there” (frame of reference/frame of mind) things (e.g., situation, behaviors) can go down hill quickly with resources (e.g., time, attention) and opportunities being misdirected and/or squandered.

    Ultimately WHAT we think about and HOW we think about it directly impacts the reality we experience including the inner resources (e.g., behaviors) available to us at the time. Keeping our attention on what we want (e.g., provide exceptional customer service to everyone) instead of what we do not want (e.g., “Difficult Customers”) is a principle of success that will bring us closer to achieving our desired outcomes. Let us stay the course.

  4. Good points Jeff,

    And to reinforce your opinion, we are not removing our Live chat function nor are reducing the level of service we give to everyone. We are not ignoring people who come to our site.

    Simply, we are blocking those from visiting our sites who chose to swear at us rather than engaging professionally!

    Thanks, Colleen

    Colleen Francis
    Founder & President

    Office: 613-730-7700
    Toll-Free: 877-Engage-U (364-2438)
    Fax: 613-730-5971

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