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One of the best ways to connect with your clients and build trust quickly is video. Some simple ways to use video are:

  • on your website to highlight your corporate story
  • in your proposals to explain complex proposals
  • during your presentations to highlight success stories and show case studies or testimonials,
  • to show product demonstrations or create product training,
  • counter objections
  • direct buyers to the appropriate links and pages.

Video!Your video does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be genuine. Video shot in your office with a Flip camera or video shot by a team of pros will both work to improve closing rates as long as your message is sincere and welcoming. You can even use web video for virtual meetings as we are doing in the Lead-up web classes.

Over the next year you will notice an increase in the amount of video we are using at Engage because nothing works better than a conversation with a live expert to connect with clients and build trust. I would urge you to pick one place to use video in your business this year and I promise it will help you Sell More, in Less time! 

We are happy to make connections with the video teams we use in Ottawa and LA if you need a connection. Just hit reply to this email!

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