Colleen Answers your question: How to WOW customers!

Dear Colleen,

My boss is always saying that to turn our customers into loyal raving referral sources and fans we have to WOW! Them. What does that mean?

Lisa in Ft Myers, FL.

Hi Lisa,

That’s a great question. Wowing your customer is surprising simple. Think of how you felt the last time you received an unexpected card from a friend or someone you work with. WOW!! Right? And it means a lot when you know that someone has taken the time to think about you. It says that someone cares about you and wants you to be happy. For example a couple years ago at a conference I interviewed a top 1 percent performer for a large chemical company. Bill was the number one sales rep for his company three years running. When asked to what he attributed his success, this is what he said:

The guys who hit quota knows the client’s birthday. The guys in the top 10 percent knows the client’s wife’s birthday. I know the client’s dog’s birthday.

The lesson: Bill has achieved WOW! Bill is a Life Giver. Bill is a top performer.

Of course when it’s just a kind gesture or two, WOW! doesn’t take much effort at all. But making a habit of it means that a bit more thinking has to go into what you’re doing. Getting good-really good-at WOW! means you have to keep an eye on the things you do on a regular basis. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

First, be consistent. If you want to be the person who always remembers everyone’s birthday, it’s not going to be enough to remember just once and then never again. By being consistent, you demonstrate to people that you’re not being nice simply because you woke up one morning in a great mood. You’re showing that this is something you do as a matter of practice … because you really care. Trust is built through consistent behavior over time.

Second, be prompt. Don’t wait a month before sending out thank-you cards after hosting or attending that great event Do something while the memory and the good feelings are still fresh in everyone’s minds. You’re sending a powerful message to people about what matters to you in your life.

Third, be thoughtful. This is where your creativity and attention to detail can help you really stand out. Remember that there are no limits to how much you can care for others.

Recently I interviewed a top salesperson and asked her what set her apart from everyone else in her business. “I genuinely love people and I like showing how much I appreciate them,” she explained. “There are plenty who remember to send out a birthday card to a friend or client, but I’ll bet I’m the only one who thinks to also send out an anniversary card to the couple!”

This week make a list of your best clients and create a WOW! Plan for the year. What can you celebrate with them? What can you send them? How can you show you truly care about them? Client’s who know you care about them more than their wallets will spend more with you. Remember: a Gallup study from 2004 shows that an emotionally engaged client spends 46% more than a satisfied client. Wow! is the difference.

Dedicated to increasing your sales, Colleen.

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