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Last week, we started talking about trends in the marketplace. Another trend that we are spotting inside corporations is that the buying process is becoming more collaborative than ever.

Ever since I started selling, we have always been vexed by committees since no one really liked selling to them. What we’re seeing now is that those committees are becoming bigger and more virtual. They’re definitely not as formalized as they used to be since they’re more spread out around the country or even around the world. Committees now have the option to be formal as well as informal depending on what their needs are. The commonality is that your buyers are more collaborative than ever before and there are some major reasons for this change.

First, people are more scared to make decisions on their own. Second, your buyers are busy so they need help making crucial decisions. Finally, your buyers are younger and new workers are coming into the workforce.

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However, there is only one thing that you as a seller need to do in order to sell successfully in this type of marketplace. You need to broaden your reach inside your buyer’s organization. I don’t care if you believe that you should have 4 buyers in the cycle or 12, the one thing that they all have in common is that there’s more than one. I still find that some of my clients are complacent about the number of buyers in the pipeline, so expand your reach and embrace the collaboration so that you can sell more in less time.

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  1. So true! Broadening your reach in the client organization is definitely needed! And how about knowing your buyers’ buying triggers? Wouldn’t that help? Can we chat more about it?

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