Cold Calling Is (Still) Dead

The most successful sellers I know agree that cold calling is dead. Here’s why and what they do instead.

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5 responses to “Cold Calling Is (Still) Dead

  1. I love these short videos. Some of the topics are a no-brainer, but yet people forget.

    Very good advice on the cold calling

  2. I know for a fact cold calling works. It’s another important channel in marketing. If you don’t incorporate cold calling in your marketing efforts, you’re leaving money on the table.

  3. I would love for you to detail your process to show people what works. Most people misunderstand what I am saying here. Calling works. Calling warmed up leads works very well. Calling strangers with no context (the true definition of cold calling)has had diminishing returns for years. If it works for you, great. But I can’t generalize from your specific success, or can I deny the data. If you are emailing, using social media, asking for referrals, and networking before calling and it’s working. Fantastic! That’s exactly what you should be doing. But it’s not cold calling.

  4. I think cold calling in person still has its time and place, I took my sales rep out in the field a few months ago to stretch our legs and physically see what is happening outside of the office. As expected not too many plants were open to public but in that afternoon, we were able to regenerate 2 major clients by simply leaving some note pads with a note attached and follow-up. Making an effort I think was appreciated by these clients rather than the constant calls from our competitors. I agree, a good sales plan utilizing all components is the most effective long term , but a break in the routine gave my Rep a breath of fresh air and a sense of accomplishment. So not quite dead in my opinion.

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