Client Gift Giving Ideas

We’re approaching that time of year. And while this year will likely look much different than any year in recent memory, here are some client gift giving ideas to keep in touch with your customer base.

Take the opportunity to wish your clients the best during these uncertain times. And, to build further on this, don’t be tone deaf with your gift-giving ideas! A travel voucher, or a gift card to a restaurant that remains closed in your client’s area, may not be the best options this year.

Here are some evergreen ideas to help you get set for the end of the year:

  1. A personal note thanking them for their business this year. Sometimes, acknowledgement can be the best gift one can ask for.
  2. Your client’s favorite bottle of wine.
  3. A notebook or organizer.
  4. A gourmet food basket.
  5. A box of chocolates or brownie bites. (Maybe not the most creative, but a classic!)
  6. A box of essential oils.
  7. If you sell merchandise/products online, an exclusive promo code for your customers or subset of your audience.
  8. A gift card for an online retailer.
  9. Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
  10. A wireless charging kit for their phone/devices.

The list goes on!

Here’s the point, this is a great time of year (especially this year) to extend acknowledgement, courtesy and your best wishes.

It’s been a tough time for many, and now is a great time to start thinking of ways you can show appreciation for your clients, prospects, colleagues and everyone else around you.