Check This Stereotype at the Door | Sales Tip

It’s time for sales leaders to stop managing their teams based on assumptive behaviors of erroneous stereotypes.

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One response to “Check This Stereotype at the Door | Sales Tip

  1. Hi Colleen,

    Great rant, always fun to watch your pearls of wisdom during my morning tummies time each week. I could not agree with you more. A company should be based on values and culture to then extend the brand and or image they are wishing to portray within the industry they work or lie. I think the problem within the terms of any market segment are do you actually know who is buying from you? Are you simply following the herd in hope of grabbing what they say is the cash cow or where the audience lies. A simple sales 101 always works for me within medical device sales as I sell to young and old doctors. Meet with them, qualify them, build rapport, and close them. If they are not the one with the buying decision then find out what influence they have and rate them in the 1-4 client segments to determine how to build your sales revenue even faster. Just some food for thought to your great insights and tools you share each day. happy Selling and good luck to the other sales road warriors this week with your sales efforts! Sean in the capital.

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