Change your Environment to Change your Thinking

Ever faced a customer dilemma or sales problem you just can’t wrap your head around? Many of us have. Consider changing your environment. The latest studies show that we are at our most creative away from the office.

I’m sure this is no surprise to you – it wasn’t for me. Think about it. Don’t you find that you solve problems best when you are out for a walk or run, just before you fall asleep, in the shower, or just relaxing on the couch? I know I do. There is definitely merit to the idea of keeping a pen and pad of paper beside your bed!

The following was sent to me by Ed Bernacki, president of The Idea Factory at

Survey: Business Thinking Done Outside of the Office

Dover, N.H. — July 24. When it comes to personal thinking related to business, the most effective location is at home, based on a new survey.

More than half (58.3%) of senior executives and managers say they are most effective in personal thinking about business while in their home, according to the nationwide survey of 223 senior executives and managers conducted by NFI Research.

The next most effective places for business thinking are

1. Commuting (49.8%),
2. The office (44.8%) and
3. During brainstorming sessions (37.8%).

NFI Research surveys 2,000 senior executives and managers globally every two weeks. It has chronicled the transformation of business and countless workplace issues for seven years. NFI Research’s membership represents some of the worlds most renowned and innovative company, including many members from Fortune 100 Companies.

How can you use this to increase your profits?

The next time you are stuck on a problem or an issue, change your environment. Move to the office cafeteria or lunch room to work, go for a walk, a drive or

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  1. I wonder if the fact that the office may also have a number of negative people and circumstances that distract from having an affect on thinking.

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