Business and Life Observations from Shanghai

It’s always interesting to observe how other countries operate when I am traveling on business. Shanghai has been eye opening!  Here are a few noteworthy items from the last 24 hours with my thoughts on how these observations apply to our businesses in italics:

  1. Shanghai airport is the model of efficiency. Quiet, well laid out, quick. Our bags were at the carousel before we passed through Immigration.  – All business can be improved!
  2. Immigration offered the chance to rate their service after the officer was finished with your passport. 4 buttons were offered each depicting a “smiley” or “not so smiley” face. The officer’s score showed prominently on the device. (I’m not sure what happens if you picked the “very not smiley” face  so I ranked my officer as the best!) – Always ask for feedback.
  3. Canada was used as the example of how to fill out your arrivals form and there is a Montreal Garden at Century park. Feels a bit like I am home. – Use real examples and stories to make your point
  4. After getting in my limo and leaving the airport the first non taxi / limo car I saw was a bright orange Lamborghini. 2 men boarded my flight from Vancouver with Hermes bags too big to fit down the aisles. – There is money in Shanghai and always money for what people want
  5. The hotel employs door men, elevator men, and entrance greeters at each of the doorways on every floor at the hotel.  I had a gym attendant personally bring me bottled water while on my morning treadmill run.  – Personalized service makes people feel special
  6. My laundry arrived back in my room 5 hours after they picked it up. Wrapped beautifully with an orchid.  – How are you WOWing your clients?
  7. Many local stores only take cash, or a local china only credit card. No Visa, Amex Dc or MC. – Are you limiting your chance to capture all sales?
  8. Cars uses their horns like we use indicator signals/lights. – I guess sometimes you have to do things different to be heard above the noise!
  9. Facebook, twitter, and hootsuite are all blocked. Even as eye pad aps. I can send pictures to my Facebook account via email only. – Don’t count on what you do in your market to be the accepted norm everywhere. This also got me thinking… what would I do if there was no more social media anywhere?
  10. I was able to get the news online until I clicked on a link regarding Syria opening fire on citizens. Suddenly… no more CBC!  – Are you limiting access or making yourself available to receive and transmit freely?
  11. The Chinese love French pastries! 9I noticed this in Hong Kong too) And dare I say…..they do them better than many French patisseries I have been to! – Sadly I sense they will be seeing me a lot in the gym this week….

Have you done business in Shanghai – or visited for pleasure/ I would love to hear your stories!

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