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Are you building buyer confidence…in themselves?

In today’s marketplace, buyers are younger and more inexperienced than ever before. This means they lack the confidence to make decisions. Thus, as sellers, we have a new, critical role to play in the sales process: to build their confidence.

I don’t necessarily mean to build their confidence in us because we’re already good at doing that. What we actually need to help them with is to build confidence in themselves. It’s themselves that they don’t trust. As a result, they’re doing their own research. They’re surrounding themselves with mentors, influencers, and advisors in order to gain that confidence. However, we indeed have an important role to play as well. So, how do we help our youngest, newest, and least experienced buyers be confident in their own decision?

Building Buyer Confidence: 3 Keys

1. Case Studies and Testimonials

Use case studies and testimonials more than ever before! Buyers will feel more confident in their decision if they know that other people like them have made decisions to go with you. I know you probably have a library of success stories, but I’d encourage you to make sure that they’re modern and they apply to today’s current business climate.

2. Influence the People Influencing Our Buyers

We need to influence the people who are influencing our buyers. We need to ensure that they’re confident in the solution and they will advocate on our behalf. It’s truly important to turn all of those influencers or stakeholders into coaches to advocate on our behalf because, when everybody the buyer knows is advocating on our behalf, that buyer will feel more confident in their own decision to do business with us.

3. Be Ubiquitous

These young buyers need to see you everywhere. Why? Because if they see you everywhere, it will create the perception that you’re the most powerful, successful, and dominant player in the marketplace. They can’t help but want to do business with you if they think everybody is doing business with you! Thus, being ubiquitous in the marketplace is critical.

Implement those three strategies and you’ll be on your way to helping buyers build confidence in themselves and winning more business.

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  1. You can’t always know for sure. But generally it will be the people they seeks as formal and informal advisors. Could be suppliers, customers, competitors, consultants, associations etc…. That’s why broadcasting your message as wide as possible is always the best idea.

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