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Last week, we talked about persistence and I walked you through a call and email plan that’s designed to get somebody on the phone. There’s one other element of persistence that’s really important as you’re following up with an account and that is to be persistent with multiple people.

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Depending on whose research you believe (McKinsey, The Conference Board, Marketo, HubSpot, etc.), there are somewhere between 5 and 8 decision-makers inside every buying opportunity. How many of them are you following up with?

If you’re only following up with one person, you’re selling yourself short. You can only follow-up so often with one person before you really become a stalker or a pest. If you’re following up with multiple people, you increase the scope of your influence and the probability of those people calling you back.

If a deal stalls in the pipeline and you just can’t get through to the buyer to figure out what’s going on, my advice is to go to the contacts. Go to the contacts file inside that account for insider opportunities and then make sure that you’re reaching out to multiple people. Reaching out to more people will allow you to call more often, be more persistent with more people, and help you close the deal faster.

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  1. A very thought inspiring video. I have a habit of concentrated follow ups and need to improve that

    Thanks for the video Colleen.

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