Being Your Most Productive Self

I’m frequently asked how I can be so productive business world and still have time to enjoy a robust personal life. The answer is that during my frequent travels I am a freakish and focused workaholic. I work on the planes, catch up on my reading while waiting at airport, and complete all my work each night before I go to bed while on the road. Truth is, I don’t even open the TV cabinet in my hotel room, let alone turn the TV on when I am travelling. And I don’t watch movies on airplanes. This approach ensures that when I get home I am then free to enjoy my personal life fully.

As I write this, I’m returning from a course in Rhode Island. On the flight to Rhode Island I spent the entire time planning for the course I was going to take, getting the pre- reading done and preparing all the questions I wanted to ask. While there I was busy all day and still managed to respond to all my email, talk to 3 clients in the evening, submit a proposal, and complete the homework assignments for the course.  On the return trip I completed a book proposal, caught up on email, and wrote three blog postings for future publishing (this one being #3). Once I got home I spent the evening relaxing with Chris, Conrad and a glass of wine. The next day we spent the day getting ready for our Christmas holiday, packing, taking the dog to the kennel, and enjoying a nice quiet meal to ourselves, during which Chris had my undivided attention.                                                                                            

I give you these details to emphasize the fact that concentrating on my work when I’m away from my family enables me to focus on my family when I’m with them.  This approach allows me to be more effective in both areas. It will do the same thing for you.

Productivity is a nemesis for many sellers today. What are your best tips for getting everything done while balancing your personal life?

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