Behavioural Congruence

I believe in congruence. Do what the top performers do, become a top performer. Share ideas with the best, become the best. Hang out with extraordinary people, become extraordinary. With that in mind I encourage you to hang out with an extraordinary top performer in sales next month, Jeffrey Gitomer. If you have never seen him speak before you really need to. Jeffrey will rattle you to your sales core and challenge you to not only do things differently, but better. Yes, you are reading this correctly, I am encouraging you to spend money and time with one of my sales training competitors!

Why? Because Jeffrey is a great friend of mine, and a great sales trainer. He will tell you he is the best, but Chris and Casey will beg to differ ;-). And I think you need to be around as many great people as often as you can in order to get and stay on top. Just this week even I invested time to be on a teleseminar Jeffrey was presenting to my mastermind group. You will love him. Register here to see Jeffery in action. After all… what goes around comes around. Remember? That’s the spirit behind good Karma and being nice in sales. We all should be sharing our resources, our networks and our contacts to ensure we all get better, richer and happier. Congruence. Being better, and acting better so you and others can be better. That’s the secret behind accelerating your success. Enjoy this week’s article and let me know how you enjoyed the seminar.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

P. S. At the recent Powerhouse Sales Event, I played a video clip from the classic sales movie “Glengarry Glen Ross. If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember the steak-knives from Alec Baldwin’s famous “motivational” speech. Platinum Lead-Up! member David Jewell was in attendance and very kindly got me a suitable birthday gift shortly after. The picture above is me showing off my lovely “second prize”. Thanks David!

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