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I’m going to share a quote with you that a client recently reminded me of that I used to say all the time. 

The simple mantra is “Be nice, stay focused and get to work.” Be nice all the time to your clients, colleagues, suppliers, and everyone in your sales channel. Why?  Because buyers want to buy from people who are confident, happy, and successful. If you’re not showing those traits to your client, then you’ll become client repellent.

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Now, before you say that you can be nice to your customers but not the people in your office, it’s impossible. How you treat people is how you treat people.

Next, stay focused. We need to stay focused on two things: our customers and our numbers. Remember, you are in this business to focus on your customers’ needs, values, objectives, goals, and interests. We also need to stay focused on our KPIs and key productivity tools. These are the things that make us successful, so we have to focus on how many sales calls it will take to get a conversion, how many conversions will it take us to get a sale and so on. We also have to stay focused on the customer’s best interests because when we stay focused on those two things, we accelerate our business.

Lastly, get to work. Don’t just think about work, do the work. Here’s a trick that I learned at the very beginning of my sales career when I was unmotivated and distracted. I realized early on that action creates motivation, not the other way around. Don’t sit there and think about how you can motivate yourself to do the work, just do the work and you will get motivated.

These are 3 key success strategies to help you accelerate your sales this year.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more…action creates motivation. So true, great way to energize your day and maintain the momentum throughout your day.

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