Ask Yourself this Critical Question

After every interaction with your prospect, you need to ask yourself how your prospect’s behavior is reflecting your sales approach. Here’s what to look for…

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3 responses to “Ask Yourself this Critical Question

  1. Nope. Constructive Tension only works when the customer still has rapport with you and feels ok. If they feel “not ok” with you in the conversation you have pushed to far, or into unconstructive tension. An example of this would be when one seller told a fleet owner too aggressively that he was using the wrong product, and the owner snapped back “if you won’t sell me what I want get out of my office!” In this case, the seller made the buy feel “not ok” and lost the relationship. He should have delivered that insight with more tact / finesse to ensure the buyer stayed “OK”.

  2. Hi Collen, thank you for providing excellent content. In B2B, prospects often just want the lowest price. But it is important to understand how prospects use the products we provide to help them receive the best value for the service. However, they often do not like that question. Do you have any thoughts on helping them see that understanding how they use the products is the best way to determine a pricing structure that brings them value and not just a low price?

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