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Dear Colleen, My manager keeps telling me that I need to pay attention to buying signals and I embarrassed to say that I don’t know what the means. Can you help? What does a buying signal look like and what should I do when I see one!  – Anne in Richmond.

Hi Anne,

Thanks for reaching out. Don’t be embarrassed, better that you ask me then never figure buying signals out at all! In my discussions with sales people notice that they often ignore buying signals from clients. Partly this is because they don’t know how to recognize and buying signal and partly because they are too wrapped up in the conversation running in our own heads.

Stop it!

Listening to the client and recognizing buying signals as your opportunity to close will help you get more deals done more quickly. To do this effetely you will need to know the signals and the appropriate responses.

Here are some common statements / signals your client may make during the sales presentation or process.

Signal: “I could likely have a few people help me with that.”
Response: “Great. Do you have their names now?

Signal: “That would work well with my plans to…
Response: “Tell me how.

Note: Although this doesn’t go for the close directly is helps them reinforce the benefits, and puts them in a position where they are visualizing ownership even more.

Signal: “Mary would be the lady who would help you with the paperwork...”
Response: “Good. Tell me a little about Mary. May I have her contact information?

Note: We want to get them involved in discussing and planning the details of the next step (meaning the sale). Also, by getting others involved, of course they’re deep into the transaction.

Possible Buying Signal:  They relate an experience with a competitor, or a similar type of product or even if it was negative. “I talked to another consultant once about this program and didn’t have a great experience.

Response: “Oh? What happened?

Note: This could mean that they’re open to your service, and are hesitant because they were burned before and need to be assured that you are different. You need to get the details first. Dig deep. Keep them talking. The more you have, the more you’re able to deal with reasons, not symptoms.

This month be aware of what your prospects are saying and how they could be buying signals. Your job is to keep the conversations moving towards the sale. In other words: ask questions!

Good luck! Colleen

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