Are you set to exceed your Q3 goals?

I received this from my friends Eliot and Brent at Peak Sales Recruiting . With 2 weeks to go it bears repeating…and implementing!

 For many companies June 30 is year end. For others it is the end of Q2. Either way, here is a quick reminder of the things you need to be looking at to ensure your team has a great finish to the end of the year:

1.  Pipeline – is it above or below the target multiple (usually 3-4x, higher in this economy) and is it leading or trailing?
2.   Activity volumes – are calls, meetings, proposals, etc. in line with ratios required to hit targets?
3.   Forecast to Actual – is week to week accuracy improving or deteriorating?
4.   Slide –  what percentage of forecasted deals are sliding into the next month?
5.   Top customers – how many generated revenue / were contacted?

To win, your sales force has to be operating at full steam ahead.

Thanks Eliot and Brent – now everyone go out their and exceed this quarter!


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