Are You Planning Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet?

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Biggest Sales Challenge for 2011 Poll”. Your comments were thoughtful and genuine while being inspiring to me. Why inspiring? Because so many of you have committed to making 2011 your best year ever!

I take my role in your success very seriously and an honoured that you have chosen to engage with me. I want to see you succeed this year. So, let’s get started.

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Many of you wrote in exclaiming “I need a plan,” “I can’t focus on making calls yet,” “I’m too disorganized!” “I need to prioritize, focus and stay motivated” or “I need to get motivated before I can make calls!”

Here is a simple 4 step plan – that you can develop and implement today – to ensure you define and achieve your best year yet!

Step 1 – Define what “best year ever” means to you. If you are going hit this goal, the goal needs to be defined. Don’t be afraid of setting out a number. My platinum coaching clients know the first question I always ask is “what’s your number?” because it’s critical that we clearly define what you are shooting for. There is no right or wrong number – I encourage you to think big and realistic at the same time. Set a number that is attainable but will make you work.

Your number could be $100,000 or $10,000,000. It’s irrelevant. All that matters is that you know it; it’s attainable and are excited by it!

Step 2 – In a place you can easily see everyday post your revenue goal in big, bright numbers. Staring at this number everyday will remind you what you need to do first thing every day. In sales, if your goals are out of site they are definitely out of mind! I have discovered that simply being aware of your number each and every day – having it in front of you so you can’t hide from it – is a critical factor in hitting your goals. Those Engage clients who are clear on their number and have it printed in front of them are twice as likely to hit their goals as those who don’t.

Step 3 – Know what it takes to get to that number. It’s great to have a goal but in order to be successful you need to have a plan to hit it. Think of this as your playbook. I’m a big fan of 1-page sales plans that you review and revise each month. Your plan should include:

  • The number of new calls you need to make each day in order to hit your new target goal,
  • The number of calls to existing clients you need to make each day to secure cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • The number of networking events you need to attend each month
  • The number of referrals to secure
  • A list of your target markets, by industry or geography
  • A reminder of the value you bring to the client. In other words, a statement of the results a client can expect in working with you

Your plan is simply a monthly sales target and calculation of how many prospects you need to talk to each month in order to generate enough business to hit that target. Once you have those numbers set, your priority becomes making the calls. Your second priority becomes working those leads that are already in the sales funnel, and moving them closer to a sale. Tie every piece of activity you do during the day to your goals.

As a bonus for those who take action and join us on our call January 20 I will be providing access to our free sales calculator tool. This tool will help you determine exactly how many leads you need and calls you must make in order to hit your goals.

Step 4 – Get to work! Block time off in your calendar everyday to make calls and prospect. Don’t just make a mental note – actual block the time off physically so you and everyone else can see it clearly. Remember that, in sales, there are only two times of the day: pay time, and non-pay time. Simply put, there are only so many hours in a day that you can talk to customers, so use that time wisely. Any activity that is not directly related to meeting people, building relationships and closing business should be done before 8am or after 5pm – unless of course you’re selling to different time zones!

If you are waiting to get motivated before you make calls remember this: Motivation comes from action not the other way around. Most sales people wait to get motivated before they take action. You must do the opposite. Take action now! Regardless of how you feel. Simply pick up the phone and start making calls. Your activity will motivate you to keep going. You will always feel better after you accomplished something profitable.

If you want to hear the strategies for ALL the challenges I’ve received, PLUS receive a free sales calculator to accurately determine the number of activities it will take to hit your goals you’ll definitely want to join me on Thursday, January 20th for my FREE webinar, “3 Must-Implement Strategies to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet” at 2:00pm Eastern, Thursday January 20th.

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