Are You Managing This Important Resource?

Clock isolated on white background Let’s face it – a salesperson constantly running out of time will likely become a salesperson that will soon run out of sales.

It’s easy in this world of distraction to lose track of our time and lose focus on the daily tasks that bring us sales success. When you’re trying to manage multiple tasks at once, you may find it difficult to manage the hours in your day.

So, to ensure that you don’t become a victim of lost time, I’ve compiled a few tips to help keep you on track, so you can stay ahead of the clock!

1. Manage Your Email

Indeed, I have put together an entire blog post about this one topic. But, it’s so vital for time management that it deserves to be outlined again.

Chances are you’re losing lots of time managing your inbox. Get organized and keep your emails short and sweet. You can consider only checking emails at designated times throughout the day. Logging into your email inbox and addressing each email that comes in each time you hear your phone go off is extremely distracting and wastes your time.

As mentioned, you can click here to review our entire blog post dedicated to email management.

2. Avoid the Life Suckers

Office gossip and chronic complainers will not help you make the sale. Your colleagues are not your customers. No matter how interesting their stories may be, wasting time chatting with colleagues will slowly but surely erode your sales.

Leave the chatter for after hours, I promise the gossip will still be there. That being said, these “life suckers” who seem to be able to discuss everything except sales should probably be avoided altogether.

3. Make Time for Prospecting

This is a classic. I bring this point up often because it works! Dedicate time each day for prospecting and connecting with new potential clients. This way, your pipeline remains healthy even when things beyond your control shift your focus away from your tasks.

4. Respect Time

Treat time as an irreplaceable commodity, because it is! The truth is, this moment will never come back. They say time is money, but the latter can be earned and multiplied. Your time is constantly evaporating, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

So, start respecting time! Show up to meetings early, don’t bite off more than you can chew, and if you ask for an hour someone else’s time, don’t take up the entire day.

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