Are you Grateful for Sales?

Tonight I am feeling grateful. I have always felt that sales is the best career in the world because it affords us the privilege – if we are good – of flexibility and unlimited earning power. On the plus side, it’s not hard to get good at sales. The career is not rocket science. 1) You have to like people, 2) You have to have discipline 3) you have to have a strong sense of self esteem. I have never met anyone incapable I have met plenty of people who are unwilling.

So why I am so grateful about sales tonight.

  1. Great sales sales people make great business owners / entrepreneurs.   If you have always wanted to go out on your own. Sales skills are critical. The best businesses I work with today are blessed with a leader who has a strong sales mind. As well, I am grateful as a business owner to have great sales skills.
  2. Sales provides opportunity for unlimited earning. If you are working for a company with an earnings cap, leave. If you are working for a company with no earnings cap, what are you doing today to maximize your income potential?
  3. Sales provides flexibility. If you are good, and overachieving, you can afford to take an extra week off. You will be allowed to live out of your territory. You will be afforded the privilege to work from home.
  4. Your skills are transferable. If you are good, you can trasfer your skills to other industries, markets and products. I moved from life insurance to car rental, to high tech to consulting and have had top performing careers in all areas.
  5. If you are good – you can pick your clients. I know…maybe people say “I have to sell to everyone”. I just don’t agree. The best sales reps, corporate, full commission and all in between pick and chose to sell only those best clients for their portfolio and turn away those clients they know will not be profitable for them.
  6. Travel. If you travel sales can afford you an opportunity to experience new places and reconnect with old friends.  This week my schedule had me away in Banff on my own over the weekend. As a result, I scheduled a visit with my sister-in -law who I never get to see alone (without kids and family), I went for a hike and saw a bear, and I had lunch with a colleague I see only twice a year otherwise. None of this would have happened without a career in sales.
  7. Selling gives you a chance to be creative. Because you are dealing with people, every experience is a different one. Every interaction is a different one. What it takes to win each time can be unique. I love the fact that every interaction is different. Selling forces you to be quick thinking, on your toes, and up to speed!
  8. Knowledge – over the last 19 years, being good in sales as forced me to stay educated in the latest thoughts, theories, research and strategies about how to sell. I read far more than I did before I started in sales (and not-so-ironically more than when I was failing….). If you want to be good at selling you have to invest in yourself.  In my opinion, that is a huge benefit of the profession – you never get stale!

I know there are more reason to be grateful for being in sales. And, I would love to hear from you. Why do you love our profession?

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