Another Year Older…

….And another year wiser! Here is what I discovered during my 42nd year:

  1. The more value you deliver the more people want to be associated with you.
  2. Doing more work, adding more stuff, saying more, is not always what is needed. Sometimes a simple “you are right” is the best advice.
  3. Your clients benefit most when you deliver results quickly.
  4. People are interested in you if you are interesting. Go places. Do things. Read. Participate fully in the opportunities around you.
  5. The economy is what you make it. In every market there are people succeeding where others are failing. Look for the successful avatars around you.
  6. You must treat yourself well and with respect if you want your customers to treat you well and with respect.
  7. You don’t have to sell to everyone.
  8. People need accountability. Coach for success.
  9. You achieve more by building on strengths not by correcting weakness.
  10. Buyers want to work with highly successful thought leaders. Not sales people.
  11. The key to fully leveraging your current clients is by developing Corporate Rapport.
  12. You only need an Account Management program for those accounts you wish to keep.
  13. You get what you expect.

Can’t wait to see what 43 brings.

All the best to you this year,


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  1. Happy belated birthday, Colleen! And great insights here — my fave is #13!

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