Air Canda Delights Clients

I’ve had many exceptional experiences with Air Canada this year. Two worth sharing in the last week. The first while flying, and the other while not.

First while flying.


The 100k concierge in Edmonton found me on board on seat 13C to hand deliver a new boarding pass for seat 4D in Business Class. While I did not receive the upgrade at check in (because the cabin was supposed to be full) she noticed that 2 passengers had not checked in 20 minutes before takeoff.  So, she called my cell phone, told me “not to get too comfortable” and walked to the gate.  10 minutes before takeoff she off -loaded the absent passengers and gave one of their seats to me! Outstanding proactive service for a top tier flier.

Now this week (while I have been home)

This week Air Canada, Aeroplan, and Bentley Luggage surprised customers with a new promotion of free luggage and free miles. I took this screen shot from my twitter feed today. Exceptional program! I certainly hope they do it again on a flight I am taking in a couple weeks!

How are you surprising and delighting your customers?

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2 responses to “Air Canda Delights Clients

  1. Let’s hope more of this than their usual motto, “we are not happy unless you are totally unhappy”. I am not a frequent flyer and the last three times I have flown with them it’s been lost luggage (twice on the same flight), overbooking, and changing itinerary and thus having to change my plans and all with not once, I am sorry!

  2. Air Canada does treat their frequent fliers exceptionally well. On the other hand I know of a few non frequent fliers who have had terrible experiences. Membership has it’s privileges I guess!

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