Account Management: The Missing Step | Sales Strategies

Many of you have read a lot of the work we’ve done on account management. But here’s what’s really critical about account management.

Plan. Execute. Measure. Review. These are the four steps of account management. The review is so important because the plan has to be dynamic. Otherwise, any information you upload into a CRM becomes static or outdated and you’re missing opportunities to coach your sellers.

[bctt tweet=”The value of the information in an account management plan is not the information.” username=”EngageColleen”]

Filling out boxes won’t give you or your clients any extra value. What’s critical is that you plan, put the information into your system, execute the plan, measure results, and review the plan so that you can update as needed. Think about account management as dynamic, not static. The plan should be changing on a quarterly basis at a minimum, and a monthly basis at maximum if all you’re doing is managing accounts.