An Account Management Non-Negotiable | Sales Strategies

If I was running your sales team and there had to be one thing that I would insist on, it would be this non-negotiable, mandatory behavior from all salespeople.

All salespeople should be required to have four or more active relationships inside each of their accounts. In fact, if you are selling 6-figure or 7-figure contracts, it would be better to have 6 active relationships in those accounts at a bare minimum.

[bctt tweet=”Most clients leave you because you as a seller have become complacent in your relationship.” username=”EngageColleen”]

I have never seen anyone lose business because they have too many relationships inside the account, but I’ve seen so much business lost because people harbour onto one relationship.

The fact is that when you grow your base and those relationships, not only can you retain the account more easily, but you also grow the revenue because you’re able to spot more than one opportunity.

So make it a non-negotiable to have less than four relationships within an account. Check your CRM and work on this on a monthly basis in your coaching calls because it will help you not only retain your business, but grow your business, too.