A special Offer from Engage

Last week my writting partner and I, Steven Gaffney ran a hugely successful teleconference. Steven and I have been overwhelmed by your requests for additional information and products on the Honesty Sells program. We have answered your call for help!

For a limited time, a special Honest Sells product is being offered. It includes:

  • A copy of our honesty sells e-book,
  • Our honesty sells CD
  • and Steven’s book Honesty works

If you were to buy these products separately, you would pay over $175. But, we are offering the Honesty Sells bundle for only $77. You are saving 55% on this bundled purchase!

Buy the Honesty Sells package now on our secure server

We have already had an overwhelming response to our Honesty Sells books and web class CD and I know you will receive profitable ideas from all the resources we are offering. You will receive valuable ideas to:

  • eliminate repetitive issues and time wasted in sales presentations;
  • determine an accurate view of a client or prospect’s perspective all issues,
  • compel your prospects and clients to be honest with you;
  • get the information you need to sell and service customers effectively;
  • ensure clients, prospects and internal resources do what they say they will do;
  • offer and receive feedback without being defensive;
  • troubleshoot problems before a project either fails or you’re unable to close a sale;
  • resolve personality differences and create more successful relations-even with people who are difficult to work with;
  • help you sell more, in less time, at a higher profit by giving you back the time, energy and money that’s otherwise wasted on sales breakdowns.

Buy the Honesty Sells package now on our secure server

This offer – with the recordings and Honesty works Book – is only available for the next 11 days so don’t delay. Once we launch the new Lead-up Gold package on September 22nd, it will be gone.

To learn more about Steven Gaffney visit www.stevengaffney.com

To learn more about Colleen Francis visit www.engageselling.com

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

Colleen Francis

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